The simulation game PsySim is used to simulate change processes in the context of psychotherapy and counseling.

With PsySim it is possible – in a rather playful way – to gain experience of how the process model underlying the so-called Synergetic Process Management behaves: The way the model assumptions express themselves in concrete time series, what influence different forms of noise can have on the dynamic behavior of the system, whether and how interventions have an impact on a virtual therapy or counseling process.

Also the influence of competencies and relationship parameters of the client and the relationship between client and counselor/therapist in the form of so-called control parameters can be experienced.

What are the basics of PsySim?

In the field of psychotherapy, work has been done for years to identify effective factors. More recently, a close-meshed, internet-based process monitoring has found its way into routine psychotherapeutic practice (Synergetic Navigation System, SNS – see

Based on the experience with applied Synergetic Process Management in the context of psychotherapy research, PsySim was developed as a method for basic research.


PsySim online manual V.1.1.0

PsySim-manual/Excel V1.1.b