The online tool SysMod, developed for Firefox, MS Chrome and MS Edge, provides visual support, analysis and evaluation of Idiographic System Modeling (ISM) according to Günter Schiepek. This has established itself as a fundamental tool for synergetic process management in therapy and counseling. Check out the recent lecture by Günter Schiepek on this topic – Watch the video from Summerschool 2021, 13′ in English language.

We developed it to support therapeutic work and therapy-related research at the Institute for Synergetics and Psychotherapy Research at Paracelsus Medical Private University in Salzburg.

We make it available in the present basic version 1.0.1 beta for free and open use to the general public.

Watch the current presentation of the current and future development of SysMod-Web by the author (Video approx. 10 min. in English language).

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What is ISM?

Idiographic System Modeling (ISM) is a method developed by Günter Schiepek in the course of decades of research work for the therapy-related recording of system models in an early and initial phase of therapy. In the years of development it has become increasingly clear how powerful the possibilities of ISM are also for non-therapeutic counseling processes. The modeling of the individual system that clients experience as highly personally significant for personal or professional development has become an indispensable part of the so-called Synergetic Process Management (Watch a case discussion by Günter Schiepek on Idiographic Systems Modelling as a component of Synergetic Process Management in psychotherapy (video, approx. 10 min. from Summerschool 2021).

Its results flow decisively into the further course of therapy/counseling and into the evaluation process. The highly individualized and intuitive process of ISM demands a great deal of sensitivity as trainers and therapists. In this process, the technology of recording and presentation should support the process as much as possible. We hope that our tool SysMod Web will be a valuable support within this method!

Check out the recent lecture by Günter Schiepek on this topic – Watch the video from Summerschool 2021, 13′ in English language.

You want to learn more about Synergetic Process Management in Therapy and Consulting?

To learn about the process-oriented method of change management, we offer a comprehensive annual training course. This training course is designed for users of the Synergetic Navigation System (SNS) in the context of psychotherapy. Its use and therapy planning with ISM (Idiographic System Modeling) and is resource oriented and based on sysnergetic evaluation of online based therapy monitoring with the SNS.

In recent years, the training course has become increasingly popular among counselors who accompany change processes outside the therapy setting.

For more information about the training course, please visit the information page.