The user agrees to the contents of the following privacy policy in the course of his registration as a user of the pages accessible under the domains,, and

We use the personal data collected when registering to use Sysmod internally for the administration of our research work and for the billing of any additional services used by our customers and partners, and only within the framework of generally applicable international standards and data protection guidelines. We will not share personal data without the express written consent of the individuals concerned.

We use a WordPress backend to operate our submission routines. We limit the collection of personal data when registering to use SysMod, SysMod Pro or the Psysim simulation in crowd computing mode to first name, last name, email address and – as required – a billing and/or delivery address.

On the one hand, these data are necessary to prevent misuse of our software tool, also by anonymous programs. On the other hand, they are used – depending on any additional services ordered – for billing these additional services. Finally, the contact addresses serve us to reach the authors of anonymously collected system data from the use of SysMod, SysMod Pro and the simulation tool within the crowd computing mode. The crowd computing mode of the simulation tool is activated by logging in a user to the, and pages. We do not collect any personal data from users who use the simulation tool without logging in. Customers or organizations that order additional services of the platform are assigned a customer number, which is visible on the invoices and contribution requests for the customer(s). The operation of SysMod is possible for registered and logged-in users. The operation of Sysmod Pro additionally requires the conclusion of a user contract and the payment of a user fee in the current amount. If these access requirements are met, the link to Sysmo Pro is automatically activated; if they are not met, the link to SysMod is active.

When accessing the page without logging in to a psysim page, the user can request his registration or login to the page via an active button and then use the SysMod tool via psysim.

In the operation of SysMod, Sysmod Pro and the simulation tool, we reserve the right to collect anonymized statistical data on the structure and frequency of system models and simulations in the future with the purpose of identifying frequent and typical structural components and the dynamics of system models and to use these data for our research work.

When using the simulation tool in crowd computing mode, the user has the possibility to send a simulated system dynamics, which is the result of a simulation run on our tool, to us via built-in email function. On the one hand, the simulation tool stores all the data on which the calculation of the current simulation run is based, and on the other hand, it stores the concrete simulation course. The storage of the course is necessary in case of activation of noise functions in the simulation, because the course calculated in this way is not reproducible. For all other cases the comparison of the saved course with the recalculation serves the quality assurance of the system.

The email of the crowd computing function is sent to the email address of the user and to our collaborators. The email contains the simulation data and the simulation result in the form of a csv file or a xlsx file. A copy of this file is stored on our research server in a directory associated with the mediated user. A download link to this file is included in the email. Furthermore, the recipients of the email can open the simulation tool in the standard browser of their Windows system via another included link and reproduce the current simulation from the documentation file on our server. To open the simulatiion in a browser other than the default one, the opening link can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the address bar of the desired browser. Please note that our software is tested only for the current Firefox versions.

By sending this report, the registered user explicitly declares his consent that the submitted result of the simulation run can be used within the scientific work of the authors of the simulation tool and the ISM tools. It is possible to indicate the user of the simulation run as a co-author of a publication if the transmission of the simulation makes a significant contribution to this work. In the sense of scientific honesty, the authors of a scientific paper are obliged to indicate in any case a reference to the authorship of the simulation.

In this context, we would like to point out that scientific journals require compliance with international data protection guidelines as a prerequisite for the publication of research articles.

Should it become necessary in the course of our scientific work to collect anonymized statistical personal data on the typical use of Sysmod, SysMod Pro or the simulation tool in crowd computing mode, we will contact users concerned in writing by email and by post in order to collect such data in the context of research contracts.

If we want to use such data in the context of our documented and freely accessible research work (for example, to document the authorship of anonymous research data from the operation of SysMod in the context of co-authorships or source references), we will obtain the explicit consent of the users to do so.